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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Inkjet vinyl can be printed in an extensive range of colors, patterns and finishes from gloss, matte, satin, pearl and much more.

You can also maximize your business advertisement, turn your vehicle, store windows, walls, floors, etc into a marketing option, and advertise your business. You can put graphics, business information and endless possibilities.

Have SAINZ DESIGNS create and install a wrap for your needs.

Vinyl wrap are self-adhesive that will adhere well to

  • Vehicle Paint

  • Drywall

  • Concrete

  • Glass


and many other surfaces if the right material is chosen.

On vehicles with poor surface paint or clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to bring in a vehicle that is ready to be wrapped.

The vinyl only comes up to specific widths, even though we always try to have zero overlapping panels, we can’t always guarantee this.

The durability of a wrap comes down to you, the owner.

Things you should know about vehicle wrap.

The vinyl in addition to giving a different look to your vehicle also protects and preserves the paint as it will not be exposed to the elements such as UV rays, salt, dirt, small washing marks (swirl marks) etc., You will also not have to worry if the vehicle You have is a lease one at the time of the removal the OEM paint should not have damage if it was wrapped and removed by professionals, also if the wrapped vehicle is your belongings you can preserve the monetary value since you would not alter the factory OEM paint, thus being able to acquire the highest value if in the future you want to sell it.

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