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Professional Window Tinting



  • •Avoid excessive heating 
  • Increase the appearance and add style 
  • Protect your skin a 99% off UV Rays 
  • Can hold a shattered glass in an accident 
  • Improve and protect privacy 
  • Deduce glare and make your driving safe 
  • Protect from damaging the car interiors 
  • Energy Efficiency

Paint Protection film / Clear Bra

Is an invisible  film that protects, maintain and preserve your vehicle paint from daily damage cause by road debris, rock ships, salt, scratches, etc. 

Paint Protection Film is available in two different finishes; Gloss and Matte and can be applied in many different surfaces. 

PPF offers breakthrough technology for paint protection
applications. Features and benefits include: 

      • A proprietary, self healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish
      • Superior optical clarity
      • Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Vehicle & Commercial Wrapping 

Boring of your car color, give your vehicle a new look. Vinyl is available in an extensive range of colors, patterns and finishes from gloss, matte, satin, pearl, carbon fiber to metallic, brushed metal and much more. 

You can also maximize your business advertisement, turn your vehicle into a marketing option, and advertise your business. You can put graphics, business information and endless possibilities 

Car Wraps are self-adhesive vinyl that will only adhere well to catalyzed vehicle paint and glass. Poor surface paint or clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to bring in a vehicle that is ready to be wrapped. We offer 15 days limited warranty installations.

A Vehicle wrap is not a paint job, you may see some imperfections on certain hard line contour areas, Even though we always try to   have zero overlapping panels, we can’t always guarantee this.

The durability of a wrap comes down to you, the owner. How you care for your vehicle has considerable impact on how long the graphics, wraps and decals will last. There are a few things that you should do to extend the life of your wrap:

     • Keeping your vehicle clean of dirt, grime, salt, grease.
     • We recommended hand wash only
     • Be careful with the graphics, wrap and decals edges.
     • When washing your vehicle, use a nonabrasive liquid cleaner.
     • NEVER use a pressure washer with more than 1,000 psi
     • Use a soft cloth or sponge instead of a hard brush.
     • Wait 1 week for the first wash.

Head Lights and Taillights Tinting 

Protect or improve the appearance of your lights installing clear or smoked film. 

Architectural, Commercial & Residential 

Window Film can help reducing energy consumption, provide comfort, privacy and also protect your furniture from fading, all this can be possible without obstructing your view. We have and extensive experience working with businesses, home owners, architects, engineers, contractors and designers. We will visit your project and we will help your choose the right products for your specifics needs.

Frosted (Matte) Window Film 

It's a translucent film, this is the best and hottest trends and privacy option in interiors and corporate window film installation, its the best option for conference rooms, offices, bathroom and other area that are exposed. We can also make any designs of your choice on-site as lines, circles, squares, etc.   

Decorative Film 

Add attribute and a beautiful appearance to any space without damaging your glass using a decorative window film. You can change the designs with out incurring in the expenses of a new glass. We have extensive option to choose. 

Security Film 

Security film is thicker than standard films and its available in several thicknesses that provides tougher barrier and can help protect your home or business from: vandalism, shattered glass pieces, glass failure, natural disaster such a storm, high winds, etc. 


This film is a perfect defense against vandalism, this will protect the surface form paint, markers, key scratches.